Iā€™m Louise, a Front-End Web Developer with user-centered design perspective.

I love to develop beautiful and user-friendly websites, in accordance with current W3C web standards and semantic principles.

In my free time, I like to walk with my dog, cook, read, draw, travel (before the pandemic) and make small things.

Let me show some details to you.šŸ˜Š

Like a lot of people, we also got a “COVID dog”, he is just a little over one year old now. A small, cute, mix dog of Havanese (75%) and Yorkshire terrier (25%), so I was imaged he will be small, especial due to his Yorkshire bond, but I was wrong, he is not small at all, he is probably 1.5 x average size, especially, he is super long, compared to his height. For example, if he using 2 legs to beg for treats, his head will be over our dinner table, I assume he would be ca.1 meter long!

Dino with me

photo: cuddle Dino

Dino in shower

photo: washing Dino

As for the food part. I love to try new, maybe a bit weird food, this is the first time I eat the “instant-noodles-burger”, it’s not that bad, but I probably will not consider it as my regular food. šŸ˜‰


photo: instant-noodles-burger

As a Chinese, I love to eat “hot-pot”, but have you ever seen a cut little bear sitting in a pot, and becoming part of the delicious? At least, I feel a little extra consideration/care from the restaurant. šŸ˜‰

bear in pot

photo: “bear” in a hot pot

I also enjoy doing some handcrafts in my spare time. I’ve made several interior decorations for our apartment.

Below is a photo of the Halloween jack-o-lanterns’ competition. Guess which one I made with my classmate?

It’s the Japanese Totora, if you have never heard about it, I would strongly recommend you to watch it, especially with your children. It will become a cozy and lovely memory.


photo: jack-o-lanterns

Below is one of my drawings, it’s mocked, so not my “real style”.šŸ˜‚


photo: drawing of an eye

The photo below can tell a bit about my real fast sketch level.šŸ˜… Hope you will not laugh, I think I only spent a few minutes on it, it’s about a project which wants to inspire/encourage the elderly who live in a care center to move/walk more.

Let me explain a bit, so you will find the sketch is clearly enough to deliver our ideas. As you see in the photo, there is a big cat “Clyde” on the right, which is the product we want to make, and it stays with the resident with a walking aid/cart. The initial idea is to make the product with some sensors and looks like a cat, so when the user carries it and passes some points(where you will find “mouse” ), it will play some instance rewards like play a song or whatever, it’s kindly like catch the mouse.

a fast sketch of a concept

photo: a fast sketch of a concept

Below are some of the traveling photos, because I don’t really like to take portraits, so most of them will be purely landscape. But of course, with pyramid or pandas, who don’t want to take selfies with them?!


photo: pyramid


photo: panda in Sichuan


photo: Turkey


photo: Dali, China


photo: Bali


photo: Norway

Haha, I put Norway at the end, and you can still feel the stunning scenery with my low quality photo. šŸ˜‰

Hope you enjoy some of them!

Have a nice day!